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Hi guys and girls,

I’m new here this is my 1st post. Something strange recently happened on my PC. and it’s kind of multiparter so bear with me. A few weeks ago I was pushing a graphics intensive program pretty hard and it would hang and not come back on. I jumped my power green wire and checked all voltages and everything seemed to check 3V 5V 12V on all pins were ok so (assuming fried motherboard) I put in a new motherboard, new CPU , new food (the new processor is a 6 core so I have a bigger power supply) and I kept the rest of my graphics card, RAM, hard drive, etc. and a few days later it was up and running again and working perfectly.

Assuming the old power supply was fine (just underpowered for the new setup) I decided to build another computer with a few extra parts I had, so I got another new motherboard and a new processor. (2 cores) and a new solid-state hard drive. I’m using old DDR4 sticks and an old VR graphics card.

I swear I’m getting to the question here soon. So I plug everything into a new tower and double check all the wiring and pins and hit the PC power button and nothing. No lights, no sounds, no smoke…nothing. Exactly like the PC I just rebuilt. The only thing that was swapped out from this PC is the power supply. I ohmed the power switch and it works fine. Check that the power turns on and check the voltage of the main motherboard connector and CPU pins. Everything is fine. I tried shorting the power supply across the motherboard pins and nothing. Then I jumped the green wire on the power supply to send juice with everything plugged in and the motherboard comes on, lights come on. It’s as if the PC is on, but no one is home. Nothing on the monitor and the CPU diag light is on on the motherboard so I’m guessing it’s not seeing the CPU (MSI B550 with an AM4 ryzen 2 core processor) Both new. So really what I’m asking is. If you jump the green wire on the power supply, will a computer turn on normally? Or should it turn on via the actual power switch?

The only thing I can think of right now is maybe I missed something on the power supply (not supplying enough amps when plugged in or something). I’m going to pick up a new one today and try it out. Or… (And I hope I have that isn’t it.) Something inside the power supply associates the motherboards/CPUs.

But above all, I ask. If the jump start switch does not work. Will jumping the green wire from the power supply to ground actually start the computer? It doesn’t seem to do that on this one. But this might prove that I somehow fried my new motherboard and processor. and i don’t want to try it on my other computer which now works perfectly lol

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