Enable or Disable Link State Power Management in Windows 11

Windows has a lot to do when it comes to customization, it has Settings, Control Panel, Command Prompt and more to make the operating system work the way you want it to. In this article we are going to see how to customize another feature of Windows, we are going to turn Link State Power Management Enabled or Disabled in Windows 11.

What is Link State Power Management?

You can see Link State Power Management in the power options of your system’s control panel. It is part of PCI Express and works with Active State Power Management (ASPM) synchronously. It has three modes, Off, Moderate Power Savings and Maximum Power Savings.

  • If you select Disabledthere will be no power saving and current will flow all the time.
  • If you select Moderate energy savingspower saving will be less, but computer wake up time will be high.
  • If you select Maximum energy savings, power saving will be high, but computer wake up time will be short.

When configuring the feature in question, you should choose accordingly. You can also choose different modes for different states, ie; Plugged in and unplugged.

Should I disable link state power management?

It depends on your need. If you’re still using your computer plugged in, then you should disable the feature to get the maximum latency. However, to save battery, you should not turn it off. You can also find common ground, that is; turn the feature off when plugged in and turn it on when on battery power. Sometimes the difference in battery consumption can be drastic, while in some cases it can be minute.

We have mentioned the steps to do the same below.

Enable or disable link state power management

To enable or disable link state power management in Windows 11, use the following method.

  1. Open Control Panel from the Start menu.
  2. Make sure your’Seen by’ is set to Large Icons.
  3. To select Power options.
  4. Click on Change plan settings of the selected plan.
  5. Now click Change advanced power settings.
  6. Scroll down to reach PCI expressexpand it.
  7. Develop Link State Power Management and configure the setting.

If you are unsure which one to choose, see the description of Link State Power Management above.

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Enable or Disable Link State Power Management in Windows 11

Alan A. Seibert