Asus unveils tiny 1,200-watt power supply with 16-pin PCIe 5.0 power connector

Asus introduced the industry’s first 1200W SFX-L power supply and it is equipped with a 16-pin PCIe 5.0 auxiliary power connector. The power supply is designed for compact, high-performance systems that use high-end power-hungry processors and graphics cards.

Asus ROG Loki’s family of ATX-compatible modular power supplies will be available in 1200W, 1000W, 850W and 750W versions, all equipped with a 16-pin PCIe Gen5 auxiliary power connector that can deliver up to 600W of power. high-end graphics or other types of accelerators. Traditionally for high-end power supplies, the ROG Loki line uses Japanese low ESR capacitors and supports “a host of protection mechanisms.”

Cooling is one of the main challenges associated with designing such a powerful PSU. Asus therefore had to use very high quality components and cool them efficiently. Still, it remains to be seen how loud the PWM-controlled fan is under high loads.

When it comes to efficiency, the most premium ROG Loki 1200W power supply carries the 80 Plus Titanium badge (which means it is at least 90% to 94% efficient under a load of 20 %, 50% and 100% for 110 V and 94% – 96% effective under a load of 20%, 50% and 100% for 230V). In contrast, the remaining power supplies carry the 80 Plus Platinum badge (meaning they are at least 89% to 94% efficient, depending on input voltage).

Asus plans to start selling its ROG Loki SFX-L power supplies this year, but it hasn’t disclosed when it will arrive or what the recommended prices will be. All power supplies will be covered by a 10 year warranty, while the RGB LED will be covered by a three year warranty.

Although hardware developers pay close attention to the energy efficiency of their products these days, high-end parts are slowly gaining in power consumption as there is fierce competition in the high performance PC market. To this end, even compact gaming PCs are slowly gaining in power consumption. To power such systems all new SFX / SFX-L 1000W + power supplies are required, even for compact systems. It looks like Asus is the first to offer one.

One thing to note about SFX-L power supplies is that they are 3cm deeper than SFX power supplies, so they don’t fit into typical Mini-ITX enclosures which completely follow the postman’s guidelines. of form. Meanwhile, they will fit perfectly into the gaming Mini-ITX chassis which has plenty of space inside.

Alan A. Seibert