ASUS announces a ROG Thor 1600W Titanium power supply, but where is the PCIe Gen5 connector?

ASUS ROG Thor power supply with 1600 W of power and 80 Plus Titanium certification

The Taiwanese company presents a new 1600W power supply.

It is even more power efficient than the ROG Thor II Platinum series. The 1600W power supply joins the ranks of the ROG Thor series, which now includes 5 products. This output power is therefore by far the highest of all the series, but that does not mean that it is ready for all the latest hardware.

The Thor 1600W Platinum means it has 80 Plus Platinum certification, so 90% efficiency at 100% load, but hopefully no one ever has to use that much power. The design of a new Thor power supply is almost identical to ROG Thor II, announced last year. It’s a black and silver design with an OLED display on the side.

ASUS Thor 1600W titanium power supply, source: ASUS

What is rather interesting is the fact that unlike the ROG Loki series, which should be launched in a few weeks, the Thor series does not have native support for the PCIe Gen5 slot. This means potential RTX 3090 Ti buyers will have to rely on adapters, and future RTX 40 owners may need to use up to four 8-pin cables to combine into one 16-pin with 600W. Interestingly, the company has confirmed on the product page that it supports PCIe Gen5 600W slot.

ASUS Thor 1600W titanium power supply, source: ASUS

Such power is only available through a native Gen5 implementation with Sense1/2 data pins present, or through a few tricks using 4×8 pin adapters and pin grounding. Interestingly, ASUS doesn’t specify in the product specs that the 16-pin power cable that comes with the power supply is an adapter. Even weirder is the fact that there is no modular connector for Gen5 specs, yet the 16-pin connector is clearly listed. The last time this happened, ASUS had to change the specs of the Thor II from 600W to 450W. That said, we’re looking forward to ASUS explaining how it works on a 1600W power supply.

ASUS Thor 1600W Titanium PSU specs, source: ASUS

Assuming the ROG Thor 1600T will cost more than 1200W Thor PSU (~$330), one might wonder if it’s a good investment right now. Especially if there is no native PCIe Gen5 slot.

ASUS Thor 1600W titanium power supply, source: ASUS

Source: ASUS via TechPowerUP, GDM

Alan A. Seibert